Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pushkar Camel Fair

You go to market to but groceries, cloths, and etc. Have you ever been to a market to buy a camel? That place is India is called Pushkar, where during the annual camel fair you get to see camel trading.

Pushkar is believed to be the only city in world to have a Brahma temple, however there are more. The town is essentially based around the Pushkar lake, which boasts of 52 ghats. Most of the times this city remains quiet, with only tourists being Israelis or people extending there trip from Ajmer (another blessed city).

This city comes to  life during camel fair, where only two creatures you see in abundance are camels and foreign tourists with big cameras. This is one of the fairs which still conducts as per Indian traditions. Camell sellers and buyers come from far off places. For instance, one seller had to walk six days from his village to be in Pushkar. These people are very helpful and close to earth due to hardship in their own lives. They are also overwhelmed by the fact so many visitors come to see them.
This place is a good market for cloth paintings, small handicraft sculptures and obviously camels.

You have lot of places to eat and rest. Just look for areas near the lake, opt for lake view if you plan to stay. If you are carrying tents, you can pitch them at mela grounds and enjoy neighborhood of camel herders and sellers. There are few people who cater to demand of horses. The government during the fair arranges for cultural programs spread over a week.

But if you really want to enjoy the actual fairs without the tourists, visit 2-3 days prior to official fair dates as that's when actual camel trading takes place.

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pushkar backpack nirvana

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  1. Pushkar Fair is one of the widely acclaimed fairs in the world. Each year Pushkar witnesses a unique crowd of pilgrims from across the globe that reverberates with the festival and fair, in union with other celebrations. The sacred land of Lord Brahma has been the center of tourist attraction since many centuries.


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